White Noise App Reviews

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Vert good

Used it daily for months. Lot of new sounds. Easy to use. Programmable alarm clock and timer so you wont be so relaxed youll sleep all day. Best of its category


Changed my life. Now I just need comfortable earphones to be 100% happy.

Yes, its legga!!!

Thank you for this coooool app!!!

BeSt ApP eVeR

Hab nie Probleme! Funktioniert alles Top! Schlafe immer wie ein Stein! ^^

Good app. Good value.

I tried the free version and then upgraded. If you like working or sleeping with background white noise, this app does the job. Nice sound selections with intuitive controls and timers. Not too fussy.


I used to travel with a cumbersome white noise machine that had 2 settings. This is a luxury!

Very good work

Best app for white noise. My baby stoped crying as soon as i was playing grandfathers clock mixed with airplane and now sleeps :-)

White noise is a solid product

What ever calms you or puts you to sleep, White noise has a wide range of sounds for your wishes. A good new feature is the sound generator, to create own noise.

Noise cancelation 2.0

Perfect for sleeping in noisy areas. Love it, use it daily for my nap!

Helps me to concentrate / keeps the world out of my headphones!

Great to insulate me from the rest of the house when i need to work and concentrate

Nice Tool

Enjoy the different Sound options and backgrounds. Keep up the good work!

This app ...

... The reason to buy an iPhone! (Back when the first 3GS came out. Im using this app alot to fall asleep.. Cheers 5/5

So Happy

This app has saved me money. Also I now longer elbow my partner 10 times a night for snoring because I cant hear him! It blocks out city noise, pet noise, snoring, just about everything. It also has zen and nature sounds for relaxation and meditation. I couldnt be happier with this app.

Great app

Been using this every night for years. Love it so much!!!

White noise

Great app very helpful


I use this app every time I sleep. Even for naps. I cant live without it.

Awesome white noise app

I live with tinnitus (constant ear ringing) from years working as a carpenter and also spending time at the gun range. The white noise app blends the ringing to unnoticeable levels, my favourite is a mix I made of a campfire and ocean waves crashing....puts me to sleep in under 5 minutes. Perfect.


Great app! Reliable and with a huge variety of sounds to choose from.

Amaze balls!

This is one of my most used apps. Every single night I use this to sleep and now my wife uses it too!

Simple, but Effective!

I use this app every single night, cant sleep without it!

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