White Noise App Reviews

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All kudos - nothing negative to say here. Lots to utilize with this app - sounds, record your own sounds, make sound mixes, and the clock feature.

Love it

I use this every night, at home and on the road.

Helps My Insomnia

The soothing sounds help me relax and get at least some sleep. I like the fact you can combine sounds for a custom experience.

This is the best app ever

If you have trouble sleeping get the app It helps me sleep every night love this app must get it

Wouldnt be able to sleep without it!!!

We have this on every smart device we own! I am a light sleeper so any little odd noise wakes me up. With this app I am able to sleep through the night. My family loves this and cant sleep without it.

Does all I want and then some

Tons of great sounds, cool functions like time to sleep and alarms (including fade in) make this a must have for travelers. Helps tremendously for sleeping in different places.

Love this app!

Each night I fall asleep quickly with the sounds of ocean waves crashing. I set my timer for 1 hr but usually dont make it longer than 4-5 minutes. I started using this app 3 months ago, shortly after my husband passed away. So much better than the Rx I was taking to help me sleep. Please dont take away my crashing ocean waves!!! If I cant live next to the ocean, at least I can fall asleep listening to it.

Cant live without!

I have to have this app while traveling. This app has caused me to have great sleep at night. Love!

Great for toddlers

I have been using this App for 5 years now. My eldest is 5 and my second child is 3 and they both sleep much sounder when we play the sounds of the ocean waves or rain falling. Helped so much when our oldest had Colic!


Love the ocean one - puts me right to sleep.

Simple to use and full of features.

Love being able to make my own sounds and share them.


I love this app, I use it every night to sleep

White noise equals sleep

White noise helps block out unwanted noises like traffic, snoring, or anything else keeping you from falling asleep or reading or whatever you are trying to do. It has hundreds of choices of noises in many categories. You will surely find some that you love to be distracted by or amused by or whatever. I love this app.

App freezes now, even after reinstalling

Pretty disappointed to have found this out the one night I really needed this app. No worries, there are tons of other white noise apps that actually work.

Works like a charm

Great app, keeps coming out with new combinations. Really helps with my sleep!


Honestly my favorite app so far to help me sleep. Even come with a clock.

Great for babies!

We use the app in our childrens rooms to help them sleep. So convenient when vacationing too. No extra device to remember to pack! We have the app on both phones and the kids iPad. We always have White Noise with us.


This app is perfect for me. Lots of sounds to choose from. My favorite for sleeping is the white noise

Soooo relaxing...

If you havent tried this app, I cant possibly convey the experience. There are so many enjoyable, relaxing sounds to choose from. If you need to draw away from the stresses of the daily grind, to meditate within a place of calm or just require peaceful noise to soothe you to sleep, this is a must have!


Ive used this app for a few years and its the best app Ive used to help me sleep. I use it every night. iPhone or iPad its on all night. I love it. Ive ignored the rating pop up for years lol. Its one of the most used apps I have on here. Sounds great on then the new iPhone 7 btw.

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